(Un-)Islamic States: Past and Present
By Shaykh Dr Ridhwan ibn Saleem An exposition of ISIS and related groups and the fact that they are in reality Kharijites, and are causing massive bloodshed and disruption. And how, while posing as Sunnis, they are stoking up Sunni-Shia conflict around the world. Video https://youtu.be/zbaFhGrfrL4 PDF
Dispelling the Fog from the Identity of Gog & Magog
Ground-breaking research building on the work of Imam Anwar Shah Kasnmiri and Sh Imran Hossein. This article was the first to propose the shocking theory that the Vikings and their descendants are the Gog & Magog people prophesized in the Quran.
Age of Sayyida Aisha at Marriage
Evidence that Sayyida Aisha was over 15 years old when her marriage to the Prophet (peace and mercy be upon him) was consummated. Video https://youtu.be/vPl_bASkx5A Audio MP3 Article PDF
Although the widely-cited hadith states that Aisha was nine years old when her marriage to the …